Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nike Thea's

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Hello Loves,

       Are you a heels fanatic? or are you a sneaker head?   Maybe your just into flats. Im neither one of those. I'm into a little of everything. You got to be versatile with your outfits and that includes shoes. I don't wear heels everyday, although it might seem that way from my Instagram posts.  I tend to wear flats and sneaks during the week. Social media really has a way to motivate/inspire you to either do something or buy something. In this case, it was more of the buying part. I fell in love with the Nike Thea in Desert Camel after I came across a picture of them on an Instagram post. 
    Oh boy are they gorgeous. I expressed these feelings to my husband and he was very generous and that he went ahead and found me a pair. FYI, they're complete sold out everywhere. He had to pay over the retail price in order for me to have them. I couldn't wait to rock them and this what I paired them with. The jeans are from FashionNova, aren't they fabulous. the top is just a crop top I had lying around and I believe that it was purchased at Forever21. The bomber jacker is also from FashionNova
     Is there any shoes that you would be willing to pay a bit more for?

Xo, Cari

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