Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fedora Love

Here is something I wore this past Sunday to my moms house. Sunday for me are almost always the same. Playing poker for hours on end at my moms house with the family. There is times when I join in a play and others I just chat with my sister who is expecting her second child very soon or other relatives. I tend to be very casual but this Sunday I switched it up with a dress cause I was blazing hot here in Southern Cali.

You may notice pictures with belt and without....I took it off at my moms cause I thought it was to much with the bag and fedora in the same tone but later after seeing the pictures I now think it looked better with it.

I'll have another shoot to share with you guys soon.

XO. Cari

Dress: forgot from where
Fedora: Charlotte Russe
Hoops: Macys
Thong Sandals: F21
Belt: F21
Bag: Thrift

Saturday, August 27, 2011

FLoral Wedges

Hey Lovelies,

  Today, a very warm day in southern California I went to a baby shower.  I had planned to wear a skirt since it was very hot but decided to tone down the outfit instead with some jeans because the baby shower was at a park. I had so Perubian food for the first time and I enjoyed the cooked potato with this yellow sauce (forgot its name). Then I got picked up by the hubby and headed to the mall to walk around. I ended up taking some pictures in the parking lot because the sun was setting. Bought some food...I had some fish tacos and hubby had menudo. And that completed my Saturday. Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

XO Cari
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Top: Thrifty
Jeans, Cuff, earrings: F21
Wedges: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Friday, August 12, 2011

California Sun Kissed

Hey Lovelies,

    Today I went to Old Navy to shop for my nieces birthday gift. I took the opportunity to browse through the clearance section because I needed a black swim suit for a photo shoot (I'll be doing a whole separate post on that). No luck with  the black two piece but I did find some other separates. And of course we you shop clearance most likely  you will never find the complete set. So what I did was think of the ones I have home and try to find pieces that would match them. So I ended picking up three pieces. I have two sets at home. Now with the additional pieces and the ones I already own I can mix and match to create 6 different sets.

I took advantage because the pieces I bought were 2 bucks each....you can't let that pass..Summer is coming to a close but hey, there is always next summer.

This one I love..I love bottoms that have ties on the side because you can adjust them. Original price $16.50 Sale for 1.97

Hot pink top for 1.97 don't mind if I do. This one was a little tight because it was a XS but I still love it.

Another top for 1.97. Love the coral color.

This one I bought at F21 last year in the spring and they had them for 5.99 a piece. Set I've already had.

This is one I got at Burlington Coat Factory a couple yrs ago. Another original.

From here on down is how I mixed them to create a total of 6 sets.

This is my little cover up...its a skirt from Hot Kiss and I don't remember the price.

Till next post,
Xo Cari

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Shoe Collection

Hey Lovelies,

  I was requested on my YouTube channel to share my shoe collection but since I didn't want to make it very long, I decided to only make it...my summer shoes. In the recent year I have been purchasing more shoes that I would tend to do. I tend not to splurge on shoes...I like finding good quality shoes for a low price. Bargain Hunting...yeah!

So here are my shoes....p.s. I got a lot more sandals but I don't consider to be part of my "collection" as they are shoes for the weekdays. Weekdays is work and work is not glamorous.

XO, Cari

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Call Smokes FOTD

Hey Lovelies,

   This is a look that I wore this past Friday. I wanted to use my one of my Urban Decay palettes with the shade Last Call. I also wanted to make it a bit smokey, so I added the black and blended it very well. Since I have three weeks off of work I'm gonna enjoy them by playing with my makeup more and heading to the beach, working on that tan.

Till next post,
Xo Cari