Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace in the Valley

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This is something I tend not to where. When ever you see me, you'll see me with form fitting clothes. I definitely headed in the opposite direction with this outfit. A little change never hurt nobody, right. I wanted something very comfortable and loose. I added a flower headband which I love right now but difficult to find (these stores don't have them in stock). Add the aviators and I felt a little hippie. 

 Labor Day weekend is here...what are your plans? 

Peace and Love, Cari

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Top/Skirt: Fashion Q
Bag: Forever21 (old)
Headband: Charlotte Russe

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mini Jean

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Have you noticed that my last outfit post had the same color scheme. Black, white and blue yet again. I must say and you probably could tell from these post that I love the color combination. I found this white denim skirt at Old Navy for about $6 bucks. I had something similar to this but denim wash a long time ago. First time I buy a bottom piece from Old Navy so when I saw the size 16 I was like "OMG, that's huge but looks small." I bought it and tried it on as soon as I got home, which is what I tend to do all the time after buying clothes. It fitted like a glove. You never know what treasure you can find in the clearance racks.

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Top: Old
Skirt: Old Navy
Wedges: Fashion Q
Bag: Olivia + Joy

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Must Haves and Tutorial

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Yeah I know we are close to the end of summer. But that never stopped me from going to the beach. Specially this year when the weather has been all over the place. So expect some warm days in the fall.

I wear tinted moisturizer with SPF to protect my skin from the sun. I don't like to get into the water so a little blush and contour don't hurt nobody. This is also something you can do for the pool but if you are planning to just in the water. I suggest you take your tinted moisturizer for after and just apply some waterproof mascara.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Angled Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Hey Lovelies, Hope you guys enjoy this angled tutorial. I hope is self explanatory but if you have a question then leave me a comment. I'll make sure to answer it.

Xo, Cari


Makeup Mini Haul

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         As some of you guys may know or don't, I am a freelance makeup-artist. In the past couple months I been focusing on trying out various makeup brands as well as expanding my kit. There are times when this is a little harder then usual ($$$). I can become financially straining as makeup can run a up a couple twenties. So I know that others who don't dedicate themselves to making up others rather then themselves might not want to spend as much. So what better way for me to help out then by reviewing less costly makeup and sharing it with you. This way I can save you a couple tens by only buying products that will truly be worth your money.

        The first company that I came across is one that has been seen on YouTube a bit, it's BH Cosmetics. They mostly consist of palette with up to 180 colors. I like colors but I love neutrals more and so when I saw the neutral palette for 10 bucks I couldn't resist. To make the shipping free I added another palette, brush, and glitter. I hate paying for shipping!!!

        I hope to have a review and that will be as soon as I get some time to play with them. So keep your eyes out for that if you are interested. It might just be that all I do is a video on YouTube.

 photo IMG_4887_zpsd6f14042.jpg

 photo IMG_4888_zpsdea78c05.jpg

These were all swatched without using any primer. 
The Neutral Palette
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 photo IMG_4884_zps446a54d0.jpg
 photo IMG_4886_zps046348c1.jpg

Blending Brush

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 photo IMG_4890_zpsffdccfaa.jpg

The Smokey Palette

Im going to add the nail polishes i also added from CVS.

 photo IMG_4777_zps696f0aac.jpg

 photo IMG_4785_zps099b2b7e.jpg photo IMG_4786_zps277151d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4788_zps02d592bc.jpg

Monday, August 5, 2013

All about the Bz

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Happy Monday Everyone!

     I have such a huge article being featured on . There I talk about the simplest way to add color to your wardrobe and this is mostly for those people who really love their black. Anyways, I must say that recently I really have been into pencil skirts. I love the fit and all that sexiness that comes with it without bearing it all.

Xo, Cari

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 photo IMG_4798_zpsc90af174.jpg

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Top: Bebe
Pencil Skirt: Bebe
Shoes: JustFab  "Joss"
Clutch: Aldo

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Favorites

Hey hey

Want to share with you the products that I am enjoying this month. I won't go on having you read all this as the video speaks for itself. :)

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