Thursday, March 3, 2016

Catch up

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Hello folks,

     Seems to me like I'm always playing catch up. So there is no point in me making up excuses as to why my Instagram post and my blog post don't coordinate. I think the reason is that it's just spittle more time consuming for me to upload the picture, write the post and edit it. It's much more simpler to just post pictures on Instagram with a million hashtags.
     Anywho, what ever happen to El Niño? There was all this about this phenomenon for such a long time and it turned out to be a major fluke. I was very close to buying my kids some rain boots and I'm glad I didn't buy them. They would have worn them once, 8D. So there pronasticating Iran for the weekend yet again. Let's see if it actually happens. Meanwhile I'll be prepping my rainy day outfit in hopes of actually wearing it.
    Till then I'm wearing my summer clothing attire. Crop tops, pencil skirts, and bearing clothing.
And today I'm wearing a crop top and a pencil skirt set from . The heels, at no surprise to you, come from LolaShoetique...I'll just be referring to her as Lola from now on. 

Till tomorrow's post
Xo Cari

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