Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To My way wearing Over-the-knee boots with leggings

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Long time, right guys. It's been a while that I have posted anything to my blog. Oh why, oh why do I neglect you so...it' called laziness. Well back to work!

Here is the first in quite some time.

Fall is here...yaaaaaah! Are you excited to bring out those. I am. To kick it off here is a how to wear over-the-knee boots. Love me some OKB. This is just some couple of ways and definetely my way of wearing them.

The video will explain it all for you...so I'll save you the eye straining and reading.

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 photo IMG_5183_zpsab278f57.jpg

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DIY: Flower Headbands

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Flower headbands are everywhere and they are so easy to make. Here I show you how simple it is to make the headbands. And just because we are officially in Fall doesn't mean we can't wear them...sure when can but just tone down the colors.