Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crotchet and Shhhh

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Hello Loves,

        Times are getting very hard. Everyday I see more hate and more violence. It's sad to see the human race destroy one another. I have tried to do my part in making this place a little better by simply being more positive. I use to be those people who would walk past their neighbors and never say hello. With the introduction to the Bible in my life I have realized that the way I carried myself was not the best. I have taught myself to be more positive, to filter what comes out of my mouth and to love my neighbor. If everyone were to just apply one of those to their lives, things would be different. Unfortunately, we are at turbulent times and it doesn't seem like it will be over anytime soon.  Since I can't change the whole world, I will just change myself. Wake up in the morning with positivity, do something nice for someone else, those little changes can make YOUR life more gratifying and happy. Sometimes it's not even about what you did for the other person, it's what you receive in return that makes it worth it. And Im not talking about materialistic things.

So I'll this time to thank YOU for taking the time to read my posts. I know there is many other things that you can be doing right now, yet you are here reading my blog. For that I am thankful.

Xo, Cari

Hola Amores,

     Los tiempos se estan poniendo mas difícil. Cada día mas miro mas odio y violencia. Que triste es ver la raza humana destruyendo uno a otro. Como yo no puedo cambiar el mundo, me cambiara a mi sola y ser mas positiva y amar a mi vecino. Yo era de esas personas que pasaba a lado de su vecino sin saludar. Después de ser introducida a la Biblia, me di cuanto que mi forma de ser no era la mejor. Ahora trato de ser mas positiva, de no herir a las personas con mis palabras y de amar al prójimo. Es deficit pero con la ayuda de Dios, nada es imposible. Desafortunadamente los tiempos se pondrán peor, pero si la gente hace un cambio pequeño, se puede mover montañas. Comienza tu día en un estado positivo, haz algo por otra persona, cosas pequeñas como estas train felicidad no solo al que lo recibe si no al que lo brinda. 

Y por eso me tomo es tiempo para decirte que aprecio el tiempo que tomas para leer mi blog. Yo se que podrías estar haciendo otra cosa sin embrago estas aquí. Y por esa razón te digo GRACIAS. 

Besos, Cari
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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Hello Loves,

       Can you believe that I don't know how to swim. Yikes! I don't (insert crying emoji). Last week I made an attempt to learn. I have always known how to swim with constant movement but never to swim and remain only in one place. I have such a huge fear, which till this day I can't remember where it came from. I'm getting there...slowly but surely. Soon no one will be able to get me out of the water (insert a happy emoji face).

Xo Cari

Hola Bellas,

    Puedes creer que no se nadar. Si es cierto. La ultima semana intente aprender. Se nadar de un lado a otro pero no se como mantenerme a flote en un solo lugar. No se donde le agarre tan grande temor al agua. Me da tanto miedo, especialmente para sumergirme debajo del agua. Siento que no podré contener la respiración. Bueno de poco a poco aprender y pronto no saldré del agua. Me volveré sirena. 

Besitos Cari

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Top and Bottom/Blusa y falda: Bebe

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Barely There

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Hello Loves,

     Every summer is always the same, always trying to achieve that gorgeous tan. I know Im already  on the tan side but my legs where not on the same page. My mission every summer was to even out my skin tone. Up until this year it was always an impossibility. Either I was never in the sun long enough or I ended up with a charcoal, ashy tone. Because of all my great outings, I ended up with a gorgeous color on my legs. Here you can't see it as of yet, but you will in the next couple posts.

Xo Cari

Hola Amores,

    Todos los veranos comienzan igual, con la misma meta de tratar de tener el mismo brozado en mis brazos y en mis piernas. Mis piernas parecen nunca mirar la luz del sol ya que están como mil tonos mas claros que el resto de mi cuerpo. Siempre comienza el verano igual con la idea de tratar de tener un tono unificado en todo mi cuerpo. Bueno parece que con todas las vacaciónsitas e llegado a mi meta. Al fin tengo color en mis piernas. Notaras mas la diferencia en los siguentes días. 

Besitos Cari

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Dress-Vestido: Forever21
Wedges: Lolashoetique

Monday, July 18, 2016

Over the Horizon

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Hello Lovelies,

    It have been having such a great summer so far. I've done a a few getaways and created so many family memories. This summer is zooming by. But I guess that is usually what happens when you are having fun.

My blog doesn't tend to get so personal but I might just add a few pictures of the things that I have been doing. Is that something that would interest you?

In any case, you can always check out my vlogs on my Lifestyle page by clicking here. Check them out and subscribe.

Till next time,

Hola Amorcitos,

     Estoy teniendo un verano maravilloso. E hecho algunos viajecitos pequeños y creando memorias con la familia. Este verano esta volando. Pero creo que eso llega a suceder cuando te estas divirtiendo. 

   Mi blog no es muy en lo personal pero creo que pueda a llegar a poner algunas fotos de las actividades de este verano. De cualquier caso puedes mirar mis vlogs de my otro canal si presionas aquí. ¿Seria eso algo que te interesara¿

Hasta la próxima,

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