Friday, June 28, 2013


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                    I absolutely love this whole army/camouflage trend. I was on the look out for some skinny army pants but I couldn't find them anywhere till I went to Forever21. Another funny story about this outfit is that I had seen this T-shirt online at Forever21 and a couple days later I went to the store to buy it. Now the store that I went to is two stories, pretty big. I decided to ask one of the workers where they had it. After going to where I had been directed I couldn't find it anywhere. So then I asked another person who was near by to what she  told me that they were sold out. I was bummed. I was just glancing around when out from afar the word "Tupac" caught my eye. I walked over to it and right behind another shirt was the Tupac shirt that I had been looking for. I was stocked. My lucky day. 

Anyways, here is two different ways I wore this outfit. The only difference were the shoes. Casual VS Dressy (um somewhat). 

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Top/Pants: Forever21
Necklace/Heels: Fashion Q
Sneakers: Jordans 3
Purse: Olivia + Joy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to: Buns 4 Ways

It's summer time!!!
Have you ever had a bad hair day or one of those days when you are to lazy to do anything to your hair?
Here is a perfect way to still look put together without taking to much time or effort. 

Give yourself a BUN. 

In this tutorial I show you how to create 4 different types of buns. 
I show you the basic steps and from there you can get really creative and fancy with yours.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bare Me a T

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                    This outfit is what I wore this past Saturday to my families food sale. In spanish it is called a "kermes" which is a food sale to raise money. In this case my family is raising money to help pay for the expenses of a dear relative's chemotherapy. This is the reason I decided to wear flats because I was in charge of a booth and I was gonna be up on my feet for hours.  I love the tore up look of this Channel inspired shirt. This shirt would also be perfect paired with some high waited shorts.

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Leggings: Old
Tshirt: Fashion Q
Bag: Online Boutique 

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