Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet like Wine

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Hello Lovelies,

    Naming this post got my mouth quenching for some vino rico (that good good wine). I got his major craving for some wine but that sweet soft wine. Im not one of those who can drink dry wines. I like them sweet and cheap (lol).

     Im getting me a bottle all for myself next's my birthday.  I'm definitely starting my birthday with gratitude to God and then ending it with a glass of wine.

   Im getting ahead of myself, lets just being by addressing the outfit. The top is from Forever21. I absolutely love the color. My mom would agree, she loves everything in this shade. To say that she choose my Quinceanera color and I ended up with burgundy all over the place. Even my high school colors were in the same shade. Yup, I hated it for a while. Now it's a whole other story.

    The leggings are from Bebe. Loving the high waisted leggings although one has to be careful cause that zipper can loosen and you won't even notice till you feel a cold breeze of air where you normally wouldn't. I gave a couple quite a peek into my bum bum. LOL. Good times.

Have you ever had some fashion mishaps.

Xo, Cari

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Neutral Tones

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Hello Bellas,

      I'm in love with Earth tones like live greens, camel, whites. I feel like this season will mostly consist of colors in that range. This whole outfit with the exception of the heels are from . The crop top is made of a think material and it's so well made. The skirt on the other hand does not stretch. Beware! If you are curve I suggest you go up a size. I'm wearing a small in those poor thing was holding on for dear life. It began to make that split into a deeper split. With any attempt to put my heels all I kept hearing was little tears. By the time I was done, the slit was 1 1/2 inch much higher than when I started. The skirt and color are gorgeous but it does not help a girl out. So go up a size if you got some bass. 

Xo, Cari

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Shades of Grey

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Hello Lovelies,

       Kylie Jenner is has taken over the social medias. She has been setting trends left and right. I must say that she has been looking real good even thought I know that most of it is due to plastic surgery. Im all for plastic surgery as long as it's not taken to the extreme, e.g huge bazookas or hippo asses. She has been changing up the makeup and fashion trends. This dress is inspired by a red dress that she wore a couple months back. Her dress was a lot shorter than this one but also had a slight slit on both sided of the dress. Now there are various versions of that particular dress. This dress is from and the heels are some that I bought a local boutique. 

How do you feel about Kylie and her PS. I know this can be a very controversial issue. But to each their own, right? 

Xo, Cari

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Like a Glass of Wine

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 Hello Lovelies,

       It's beginning to feel like fall or just for this day at least. It was just a tease. I'm looking forward to the fall season. I got whole fall wardrobe ready to be worn but I just can't yet because it's been extremely hot. The one day of the week were it was 60 degrees I went ahead and pulled a little fall outfit. I just had to take advantage of the weather. The double side slit top is from Forever21 and the leggings are from Bebe. Booties are from  and the hat is from 

Stay tune as I have another look coming soon. 
Check out my latest fall clothing haul by clicking here

Xo, Cari

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


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Hello Loves,

        It's back....that coat is not going anywhere any time soon. I love that it's not warm or heavy. It's such a light weight and very cool coat that it makes it an easy transitional piece. The dress was from LoveCulture and the booties are from the one and only, Lolashoetique. This is a perfect outfit to transition into Fall. 

Are you as ready as I am for the cooler weather?

Xo Cari

P.S. After this post Im officially caught up with all my blog posts. Yah!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Lady in Red

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Hello Loves, 

       Bebe has the best made pencil skirts. I love them! I feel like red is a color that is all in your face and really needs to be paired with neutral colors such as white and black. One color on it's own makes the outfit look a bit distracting but something with the combination of both colors, makes it look fab. Red is just a very eye catching color and needs to be appropriately dressed in order to make it look elegant. The top, which I bought a few years ago is also from Bebe. I paired it with some scrappy sandals. Pencil skirts and crop tops are my favorite (LOVE) trend of all time. 

Are you over this trend? Or are you loving it?

Xo, Cari

P.S. My photographer is getting better at taking pictures. My makeup though.... yaassssssss

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tis' the season to fringe

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Hello Loves,

        Tis' the season to fringe. It sure is. This season you'll see fringe on everything from shoes, bags, skirt, dresses and on a donkey's ass :D .  I paired my beautiful fringe skirt from Forever21 with some fringe sandals from LolaShotique. The top is the same bodysuit that I wore on my last post from Bebe. 

Are you into the fringe?

Xo, Cari

P.S. Skirt was a bit short and hubby didn't let me wear it outside...for me it would be club appropriate. 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Catness Fearsome

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Hello Loves, 

       Casual outfits kicked up a notch with a switch of heels. I love this booties from LolaShoetique . Fall is the perfect time to start bringing out beauty boots and booties and I wore these out to dinner. Here is a picture that I posted outside the restaurant to my Instagram. The top is a bodysuit from Bebe and the jeans are from H&M .  Shades and coat are from Forever21. I been a lot of similar coats being rocked all over Instagram. 

Are you digging them?

Xo, Cari

The place we ate at was Tequila Jacks in Long Beach, California. The food was delicious. Im always posting my food porn picture on my Snap, @caricollazo. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top Knot

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Hello Loves,

       I've had this top in my closet for quite some time. I would always browser through my closet, taking it out for a minute an place it right back on the rack. My struggle was always what to pair it with. Well now I found its paring. The top was from LoveCulture and the skirt, which was bought a year ago, was from a forgotten place. Wedges, can you guess? If you been reading my last post you probably know that they came from LolaShoetique. Now a days, what shoe doesn't come from there. 

    This summer has been so fashion fun as I would have liked it to be. This summer was filled with earth hipster vibes, something that I didn't get into (not my taste). I was expecting a little more brighter colors and funner clothes but it turned out to be a major #fail. It's a good thing that here in Southern California, summer is never over. I get a chance to re do. 

Did you like this summer fashion trends?

XO, Cari

P.S. I don't like wearing bun or top knots like this one. I feel my head looks like an egg. LOL. But hey, I made it worked (barely).

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