Monday, December 30, 2013

Jolly VoxBox

Hello Loves,

       I'm sharing you the items that were in my Jolly VoxBox. These were all items that were sent to me for testing and reviewing. I love trying and testing out new things and of course sharing with ya'll my opinion. So let's begin.

  photo F480316B-D025-4901-864A-09A950A8BD39_zpswfjybs8e.jpg
1. Skinny Cow Chocolates- ONLY 130 CALORIES for those ladies who have a sweet tooth and is watching their calories. They are filled with peanut butter in the center..reminds me so much of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I got a sweet tooth and I do watch what I eat so this for me feels less of a sin. They are so delicious.
 photo A87444DD-9F2B-40EE-9A74-8C6DF7836780_zpsfxqjsfh5.jpg

 photo D1506C23-D64F-468F-814E-B541DB042D87_zpsyxxsbbpk.jpg
2. NYC HD Color Trio Eyeshadow. I did a simple look using this palette and added a little black to create more depth to the outer V and lower lash line. Good color pigmentation. 
 photo 6EE9F857-0854-425E-987F-0410C47CCE89_zpsgcrmttsc.jpg
3. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer- It definitely has a smell to it. I can't exactly pin point the exact smell but it's not horrific. It's more like a fruity smell. It applies smoothly and has good pigmentation. Downside to it is the applicator. I don't like that it has a little hole at the very end, now this might have been done to allow more product to go on the brush. Overall it's a good product.
4. Puffs Tissue- To be completely honest, I don't ever purchase tissue paper. If you do then these little packs might be good for you as you can put them in your purse.
5. DuckTape- Great for the holidays because they have a nice pretty patterns. If you are creative then you can find many ways of using this unique tape.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


 photo IMG_5847_zps3c88ad42.jpg

      The inspiration for this outfit began with a pair of thigh-high socks. After spotting them at my local TJMaxx I began to imagine the type of outfit I would wear with it. "A skirt," so I thought, "but what type of skirt." The search began. A skater skirt would be more ideal for these socks. Once I had the skater skirt the image of the outfit filled my head. You'll definitely be seeing a few more outfit with featuring these socks once more before the weather changes.

 photo IMG_5846_zps71dd8e4d.jpg

 photo IMG_5851_zpse646e157.jpg

 photo IMG_5852_zps5ab1b2b7.jpg

 photo IMG_5853_zpsfeb4e958.jpg

 photo IMG_5855_zpsb8fa7f8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5856_zps92ebe499.jpg

 photo IMG_5863_zps7d9162f5.jpg

 photo IMG_5866_zpse2586feb.jpg

 photo IMG_5869_zpsb9d79cc9.jpg

Sweater: Forever21
Skirt/Beanie: Fashion Q (similar click here)
Thigh-High Socks: TJ Maxx (similar from F21 click here)
Clutch: Aldo

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Glam Tutorial Inspired by Britney Spears

 photo DA02C7A1-B5E1-4D93-9161-D6BCFDB3CA45_zpsnvz97lkg.jpg

Hello Loves,

I came across this fabulous picture of Britney Spears. First thought was "what a perfect holiday look."  So here I am recreating it. The difference is that my lips are more of a reddish tone then the wine colors she is rocking. You can always change the very lovely and so inexpensive is Dark Cherry by Revlon. Hope you all have a very fabulous and wonderful Merry Christmas.

Love Cari

P.S. I have been nominated by StarCentral Magazine for Fashionista of the Year. Please help me by placing your vote, for me of course (lol). Click the link below, it's quick and easy. One vote per day. So please vote. Thank you!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Purple Galore Makeup Tutorial

 photo AF03398C-6B7F-4FA8-A378-14F2BD963214_zpstehe5aig.jpg

Hola Bellas,

It's Friday, yah! I filmed a makeup tutorial because I was feeling very inspired. I played with some color since I never do so. If anything purple is like the only color I would actually wear out. I just love how it complements and it's not to overwhelming. 

Hope you'll enjoy it. Ill have a very easy one right before Xmas, so stay tune for that one.

Xo, Cari

 photo 78F6F056-68EB-4D60-A0A8-74AF7BC0B62C_zps4ptpkltj.jpg

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suave VoxBox

 photo 68A9B137-A8CD-491E-9238-CD08631B9862_zpsmtsa8qt9.jpg

Hey Dollies,

    Have you heard of Influenster? In case you haven't I'll elaborate a little. Influenster is website that gives the opportunity for bloggers and youtubers to test out and share their opinions on the different products that they send completely free. I received the Suave VoxBox. It contained three different products (full size). One of the products was a lotion. I am horrible at applying lotion, I always tend to go without it.
    This lotion has a wonderful fragrance and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. I don't know why I've gone so long without wearing any lotion. Now the men body wash for obvious reason I have not tried, unless I want to make my husband to think I've been messing around Im not trying it. I will say that it has a very manly smell and it's a rather pleasant smell. The kid mousse is awesome for kids with curly hair. No flakes and stick like hair, this leaves their hair very soft and flake free.
   You can also be an Influenster. Go to their site, sign up and get to testing.

Xo, Cari

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas at The Americana

 photo 2FB4A8C9-ECA3-4587-B5D8-4046994D6CC5_zps5ullj5p1.jpg

Hello Lovelies,

    I have no outfit post this week but I do have pictures that I took this past weekend at The Americana. I was able to capture a picture of what I wore plus some pictures of the family.  The Americana is a shopping center very similar to the so popular The Grove but this one is in the city on Glendale, California. My husband told me that Katy Perry is currently staying in the apartments located above the shopping center. He would know as he delivers furniture ($$$) to movie sets, celebrities and offices and she happened to be one of them (lucky him). Adjacent to The Americana is the Glendale Mall. And just like The Grove, The Americana also had snow. I absolutely love that even though we don't get to have a white christmas there is still places in Southern Cali that decorate so beautifully for the holidays. 

 photo 8F2C7E02-748A-4A2C-9218-AD2C36EDA40D_zpspplzcw97.jpg

 photo 9BEAF15A-B436-4AA8-885D-0E25DC15D0C5_zps4eu49le5.jpg

 photo 382B6FB6-D161-4D20-B44B-7261FDCCE836_zpsgrlao1fl.jpg
My Makeup for the Day

 photo F9C79072-859F-4473-BAFD-8F53DAF318A7_zpsixcxcwby.jpg

 photo 49FF7E99-70A4-4D65-83BB-594B8DABAB8B_zps9acahgy7.jpg

 photo 20B6D1EA-ED85-403F-9B8E-C46ED8DB4125_zpssc8qgcdf.jpg

 photo 1BC40342-23C7-4565-AFA8-E7B50C6F1E31_zpsix6zvo1d.jpg

 photo 0D5077B4-1B33-4FB6-AA94-BFA4C405759D_zpsqem6nevu.jpg

 photo 24AE7118-C269-4F50-B3AE-F565C4DDB12A_zps7cws2il0.jpg

 photo 1C5084B3-B867-4A89-BF2A-70F3B5045E22_zpsfns1cgnz.jpg

 photo AC0855B0-0F6D-4D31-AD86-B58F94A9D7E1_zpszn2blxps.jpg

 photo D7520375-AA6D-477A-A184-D2F956AEEA4D_zpsmhm9kyjr.jpg

 photo 184B0DD7-8CB2-42C1-8BB1-77F4A8BF1D7D_zpsvqdaevpz.jpg

 photo 2518BCA5-0813-4F14-8A29-DA447C8F7AB0_zpsdho6zlp9.jpg

 photo 8B49578F-7AA2-45B8-995E-DA0DDDC50B2C_zpsdfaugg7e.jpg

 photo B8F51228-163F-4691-B4DF-5E1C1F641254_zpsaitekhmw.jpg

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Suited and Booted

 photo IMG_5544_zpsd1c7c8ea.jpg

            Instagram has allowed me to follow new fashion enthusiast who have wonderful fashion sense. They give me new ideas and inspire me to recreate looks and try something new. I fell in love with a look by a guy called @bpnc. After wearing it I realized that it was so reminiscent of Kim Kardashian's Christmas Card from years past. I loved it. My kids said that I looked like a waiter (lol).

What inspires you?

 photo IMG_5542_zps836ce1b5.jpg

 photo IMG_5540_zps353be491.jpg

 photo IMG_5538_zpsd4896a63.jpg

 photo IMG_5536_zps1c1c936e.jpg

 photo IMG_5534_zps1fefc8e2.jpg

 photo IMG_5532_zpsfc04ffee.jpg

 photo IMG_5528_zps712a6032.jpg

Blouse: H&M
Pants/Heels: Fashion Q
Blazer: CLiquidators

Monday, December 2, 2013

Material Blue

 photo IMG_5511_zpsb8cd043c.jpg
Hey Lovelies,

Yah, I got some outdoor pictures. Im really doing my best to get great pictures and as you will see in the next few post I'm improving. I have some plans for the future and in order for it to be successful this has to work. I must make time to take pictures outdoors. This has its benefits cause Im forced to look for locations and therefore exposing the family and I to places in Souther LA that we haven't seen. In this pictures we barely made it out in time to catch the last sunlight. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post.
Xo, Cari
 photo IMG_5510_zpse616d416.jpg

 photo IMG_5512_zpsf39d46c5.jpg

 photo IMG_5509_zps2cc05ee9.jpg

 photo IMG_5504_zpsf7ee8407.jpg

 photo IMG_5506_zps943abbb4.jpg

 photo IMG_5482_zpsb3dd7fe3.jpg

 photo IMG_5481_zps97e56130.jpg

 photo IMG_5483_zpsa92975e7.jpg

Dress: Material Girl by Madonna 
Shoes: Fashion Q
Bag: (favorite)
Blazer: (forgot the name of store)