Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get that Look

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Hello Lovelies,

      Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I spent it with my husbands family in Las Vegas. There was not much of dressing up since it was freezing cold. The tempeture there was below 50 degrees at times and for us Californians anything below 60 degrees is freezing. Regardless of the cold weather I ended up having a very fun and enjoyable Christmas. Experiencing just a tad of lightly colder weather makes one appreciate the wonderful sunny, warm days in California (today not so much...coldest day in decades). 

    During Cyber Monday I was able to shop with WantmyLook.com since they had some good deals. I was able to pick up this dress and another that you will soon be able to see on my blog. It took three weeks to arrived but better late than never. The heels are from LolaShoetique. The coat is from Charlotte Russe and the necklace is from RocksBox.com

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve. 

Xo, Cari 

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lost Files and Shoe Haul

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Hello Lovies,

      I was scrolling through my pictures and found pictures of an outfit I never got to posting. Now I've worn this same outfit a couple times before and just never got around to sharing. Then I went and finally took some pictures but completely forgot about them, till now. You may not be able to find these items but you can definitely find something similar to them. The top was bought from a local boutique and the leggings are from Bebe. One things is for sure, when I wear this outfit I get compliments from girls. For a girl to give another girl a complement says a whole lot. So this one is always a hit. 

What do you think? 


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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

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Hello Loves,

    Let me start off by telling you that this outfit isn't the one I am wearing on Christmas Eve. I wore this outfit on Saturday. I have something plan for today but I won't be sharing it till later in the week. 

    Today is Christmas Eve and for my extended family it's the day we all get together. I'm Mexican so we tend to have the traditional Mexican food such as Tamales, Enchiladas, Posole and much more. Yummy. Christmas day is usually just spent with your immediate family. How will you be spending Christmas Eve? What are your traditions? 

   This outfit I wore to finish the rest of my Christmas shopping. The whole attire is from Forever 21 with the exception of the boots. The skirt was a bit to bit in the waist but I did a little tuck here and there and it was great. Links for the items are down below.

   I want to wish you a very very Merry Christmas. 

Xo, Cari

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Top: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Over-the-knee socks: Forever21
Boots: Local Boutique 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lace and Pumps

Hello Dollies,

     It's been so so so long since I have blogged, by this point you're probably like "yeah, what else is new." So I'm not even gonna make up any excuses and I'm gonna get started.

   I'm currently in love with pumps and I mean stiletto Louie looking pumps. In my opinion I think that these heels are just classy timeless shoes to have. Therefore, one day I hope to own a pair CL's. 

   This outfit is a bit more casual for me. Im wearing high waisted black jeans from Charlotte Russe, lace crop top is from Forever21 and the pumps are from LolaShotique

   For those cold nights/days, add a coat. Coat is from Forever21

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back soon.


P.S. Down below I will be leaving a video of a huge clothing haul. Check it out. 

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Torn Up

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Hello Bellas,

      If you don't already know, I am a fan of Kim Kardashian fashion sense. A few weeks ago she wore a pair of jeans that were very torn up. I loved it! It took quite some time for me to find something similar to what she had on. So this outfit is inspired by that particular outfit. How do you feel about these jeans?


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 photo IMG_7378_zpsaac44f04.jpg

 photo IMG_7398_zps935b7a7f.jpg

Top/Jeans: Love and Culture

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Soft Blush

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Hey Dolls,

          Do you guys know Lily from Shahs of Sunset? Basically she was my inspiration for this outfit. I love her style, she really is a persian Barbie. Anyways, I saw this outfit she was wearing on Instagram but her colors where just opposite of what I wore. I wasn't able to find a white skirt but when I saw this one at Forever 21, I just had to buy it. Since the skirt was a pink salmon shade, I decided to make the top white. As in for the pumps, I have been wanting a pair like these for a very long time. I finally found them for a very reasonable price at Forever 21. I have been loving the crop top trend and that mainly the reason why ended up being Lily's copy cat. What trend are you loving? 

XO, Cari

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Makeup Class

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Hello Gorgeous,

    Who is into the midi skirts/dresses? Well I am. I found this faboulous striped midi skirt at H&M. I could not leave without it. I still don't understand why more boutique aren't carrying this types of skirts and dresses. FABULOUS. I wore this outfit to my very first makeup seminar. It was a total success and I had a fantastic time teaching it. Hope to have more soon.

Xo, Cari

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Me at the Beach

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Hello Gorgeous,

     Over the weekend I visited the Oxnard/Camarillo area in Souther California. My visit was purely business but since I was in town I also wanted to enjoy it. After my workday, the fam and I ended up heading out to the Camarillo outlets. Honestly I felt like we didn't get to see much. One thing I have to say is that the beaches in that area are beautiful. The sand is softer then those here in the Long Beach/Huntington Beach area.

     I decided to wear this fabulous maxi dress from Bebe. I thought it was the perfect outfit for a day by the beach and for some shopping. I did have to take it to the tailor because it was to long and the sides to loose. But now it fits a whole lot better. What do you think?

Xo, Cari

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 photo IMG_7159_zps8074591f.jpg

 photo IMG_7155_zps68d22e83.jpg

Dress: Bebe
Sandals: Guess (Burlington Coat Factory)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Long Time, No Blog

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Hello Ladies,

        I can't remember how long it has been since my last blog post. I have been such a terrible blogger. As in for the excuse, all I can say is that I been so busy with my makeup business leaving no time for fashion. How horrible! Well, the bright side is that I have this post for you.

     I have seen so many beautiful pieces of clothing with lace and crotchet that I couldn't help picking up this dress from Forever 21. I Love Love Love! It's such a perfect summer dress (which will be a little series that I'll be putting together for the upcoming posts). I paired it with some gladiator sandals from Love and Culture (so in love with these as well).

Are you into lace/crotchet pieces as well?


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 photo IMG_7066_zpsde9e4f35.jpg

 photo IMG_7067_zpsf0690686.jpg

Dress: Forever 21
Sandals: Love and Culture
Bag: Louis Vuitton   

Thursday, March 20, 2014

High-Waisted Floral

Hello Ladies and Gents,

    I've mentioned in previous post that I had always wanted to have a boutique. I also mentioned that I had begun to add a couple pieces, which isn't much. Slowly but surely I will keep adding pieces to it. Today I would like to show you the second item that I have added to my boutique. Plus I will show you another way of styling the first item.

 photo IMG_6647_zps9e3a4724.jpg

 photo IMG_6648_zpsb02a8102.jpg

This is a very sexy high-waisted side slit floral skirt. I wore mine with a white crop top. Kept it fairly simple since I wanted the skirt to be the main center of attention. It can be worn with wedges, sandals, or heels. It one of the hot trends for this upcoming seasons. 

 photo IMG_6649_zps80f88438.jpg

 photo IMG_6650_zps22e50844.jpg

 photo IMG_6651_zps6eaefdc4.jpg

 photo IMG_6660_zpscd1f2fee.jpg

This apple green bandage skirt hugs your body so perfectly. Made of the best material and it's what I consider to be a true bandage. Don't let the color scare you. You can dress it so many ways as seen in previous posts. 

 photo IMG_6662_zps63df2a6c.jpg

 photo IMG_6661_zps44c137a0.jpg

If you wish to purchase any on these two skirts, then email me at shopdemiboutique@gmail.com .

Apple Green Bandage Skirt: 19.99 plus S&H
High-waisted floral skirt: 19.99 plus S&H

Crop Top: Forever21