Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plaid and Heels

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Hello Lovelies,

     It's one day past hump day. The weekend is just over the horizon. Although my weekend will be busy with makeup and hair, I'm still looking forward to it. It might be because Im looking forward to putting another couple more outfits together and getting dolled up. 

   Till then I have this outfit post. You might have seen a lot of people styling this outfit. I couldn't let it slip by without myself trying it. I love how its very casual yet chic, sexy and just dope. The tank, plaid top and pants are from Charlotte Russe and the heels are from Forever21.  

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leather N Lace

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Hello Lovelies,

     I been very stressed this last couple days and I was still managed to get dolled up and make some blog posts. So proud of myself. Sometimes laziness needs the smallest excuse to not do a thing. One thing, I must confess, I haven't been in the mood for no cleaning. My husband is a clean freak and you can probably see where this can become an issue. But hey, that's another story. 

    Yes, I'm just in love with crop tops and pencil skirts. Please bare with me because there is many more on the way. You can take that as a warning. This skirt is from and the top is from Pumps were from Forever 21 which are a couple months old. 

    Hope that you guys are enjoying my posts. Hopefully I'll be able to keep them up. You just never know what tomorrow might bring. 

Xo Cari   

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Jolie

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Hello Lovelies,

      I was able to put something together this weekend even though my energy was very low due to a cold. I managed to at least doll my self partially (hair not done) so I didn't feel like I had bummed the whole weekend. I wore this dress from Charlotte Russe that bared quit a bit of leg hence the title. Who doesn't remember the epic outfit of Angelina Jolie at an award show bearing one leg. Any who, I found that this sandal heels complemented the outfit a whole lot better than any other heels that I owed. What would you have paired it with?

XO, Cari

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebrity Copy Cat: Khloe Kardashian

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Hello Dolls,

     Many of my inspirations come from celebrities. From the Kardashians to J. Lo, I love recreating their looks. Those fashionista rock name brand clothing that many of us can't afford. Don't despair! With so many stores, we are bound to find something similar and in our price range. It can definitely be a challenge to look for all the pieces to complete the outfit, but if you are up to it, it's sure to be fun. 

    From the three Kardashians, I tend to gravitate more to Kim's style of dressing. Lately I have noticed that Khloe has really been on her fashionista game. She be lookin' fabulous. She was my inspiration for this edition of Celebrity Copy Cat. 

    Khloe's Louboutin pumps alone are $1,345. Here I am wearing a white chiffon long-sleeve from Forever21 for $20. The pleated faux leather skirt is from Charlotte Russe for $23. The pumps are from LolaShoetique for about $35. The total for this outfit was much less than $90. You don't need to have the deep pockets of a celebrity, all you need is some shopping skills. 

How do you think I did with my recreation? 

Hope you all have a fabulous and blessed weekend. Till next time.

Xo, Cari

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A close up of the makeup. Follow me on Instagram @caricollazo
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Awkward Angles

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Hello Lovelies,

   Hope you guys are having a fabulous week. We are right on hump day and today I was able to get myself together with an outfit. The skirt and the bodysuit are both from Love Culture. Love Culture can have some cute stuff. I'm not too sure if they are all over the malls of America or just here in Southern California. Anyways, the good news is that they do have an online store. The reason why I say that I don't know if the stores are everywhere is that apparently the online store and the actual stores are own by two different groups. Go Figure. The shoes which I have been wearing a bit to much are from Lolashoetique. They are definitely some hard shoes to walk in.

  I love the bodysuit because it can be worn with skirt or pants and it will give the outfit a very edgy look. It's definitely something a bit more different then just a regular crop top. What do you think of it?

Xo Cari

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Friday, January 9, 2015

The colors of Wine

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Hello Chicas,

       Growing up the color burgundy or maroon were all over my parents home. My mother was in love with this color and you can definitely see it. From the couches to the curtains down to the frames. She wasn't ever a girl of color, she was more a girl of black (till this day) but burgundy really topped it. She was so into that shade that my Quienceanera's main color was burgundy. Oh and I did not chose it. 

     The color slowly began to fade away and to now see it in clothing, I understand why my mom loved it. It's a rich fall/winter color. It's subtle but yet it demands attention. That's why I love it on these leggings. The leggings are from Forever21 and so it the top. The heels are from 

What colors do you love in the fall/winter?

XO, Cari

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Boots so High

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Hello Lovelies,

       You may notice that there are times when my pictures or the background ain't as good as the others. Well sometimes a girl has to do what is necessary to keep those post coming. The times that I am able to capture better shots are when I get the help of my lovely companion. Without his help I'm limited to taking picture at home. There is not much light that comes into my apartment which makes the task a little more challenging. With a work week is a lot more difficult to keep the outfit posting consistent. A future goal would be that he can dedicate more of his days to be my personal can only hope, with God all is possible. 

     So this was something I was able to capture before the natural light disappeared from my apartment. I wore something a little more casual since I was heading to a small at home bachelorette party. The boots seem to get all the attention anyway so minus well let them be center of attention of this outfit. I actually tried wearing them both ways, thigh high and over the knee. Which one do you like better?


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