Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Suited and Booted

 photo IMG_5544_zpsd1c7c8ea.jpg

            Instagram has allowed me to follow new fashion enthusiast who have wonderful fashion sense. They give me new ideas and inspire me to recreate looks and try something new. I fell in love with a look by a guy called @bpnc. After wearing it I realized that it was so reminiscent of Kim Kardashian's Christmas Card from years past. I loved it. My kids said that I looked like a waiter (lol).

What inspires you?

 photo IMG_5542_zps836ce1b5.jpg

 photo IMG_5540_zps353be491.jpg

 photo IMG_5538_zpsd4896a63.jpg

 photo IMG_5536_zps1c1c936e.jpg

 photo IMG_5534_zps1fefc8e2.jpg

 photo IMG_5532_zpsfc04ffee.jpg

 photo IMG_5528_zps712a6032.jpg

Blouse: H&M
Pants/Heels: Fashion Q
Blazer: CLiquidators


  1. I think you look like a lovely character from Moulin Rouge. So elegant and pretty. And those pants are such an amazing fit. Thank you especially for that shot from behind. It is so sexy and made my night SO wonderful. Wow!!!

  2. All Your Outfits You Are Beautiful Princess Kissing Very Sexy

  3. Great look, you look amazing.