Monday, December 30, 2013

Jolly VoxBox

Hello Loves,

       I'm sharing you the items that were in my Jolly VoxBox. These were all items that were sent to me for testing and reviewing. I love trying and testing out new things and of course sharing with ya'll my opinion. So let's begin.

  photo F480316B-D025-4901-864A-09A950A8BD39_zpswfjybs8e.jpg
1. Skinny Cow Chocolates- ONLY 130 CALORIES for those ladies who have a sweet tooth and is watching their calories. They are filled with peanut butter in the center..reminds me so much of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I got a sweet tooth and I do watch what I eat so this for me feels less of a sin. They are so delicious.
 photo A87444DD-9F2B-40EE-9A74-8C6DF7836780_zpsfxqjsfh5.jpg

 photo D1506C23-D64F-468F-814E-B541DB042D87_zpsyxxsbbpk.jpg
2. NYC HD Color Trio Eyeshadow. I did a simple look using this palette and added a little black to create more depth to the outer V and lower lash line. Good color pigmentation. 
 photo 6EE9F857-0854-425E-987F-0410C47CCE89_zpsgcrmttsc.jpg
3. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer- It definitely has a smell to it. I can't exactly pin point the exact smell but it's not horrific. It's more like a fruity smell. It applies smoothly and has good pigmentation. Downside to it is the applicator. I don't like that it has a little hole at the very end, now this might have been done to allow more product to go on the brush. Overall it's a good product.
4. Puffs Tissue- To be completely honest, I don't ever purchase tissue paper. If you do then these little packs might be good for you as you can put them in your purse.
5. DuckTape- Great for the holidays because they have a nice pretty patterns. If you are creative then you can find many ways of using this unique tape.

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