Monday, December 2, 2013

Material Blue

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Hey Lovelies,

Yah, I got some outdoor pictures. Im really doing my best to get great pictures and as you will see in the next few post I'm improving. I have some plans for the future and in order for it to be successful this has to work. I must make time to take pictures outdoors. This has its benefits cause Im forced to look for locations and therefore exposing the family and I to places in Souther LA that we haven't seen. In this pictures we barely made it out in time to catch the last sunlight. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post.
Xo, Cari
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Dress: Material Girl by Madonna 
Shoes: Fashion Q
Bag: (favorite)
Blazer: (forgot the name of store) 


  1. Wonderful color dress and your legs look lovely and sexy in those tights. Wow!!!

  2. Gorgeous, love the hot sexy tights, wish you'd wear them more often. Beautiful