Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas at The Americana

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Hello Lovelies,

    I have no outfit post this week but I do have pictures that I took this past weekend at The Americana. I was able to capture a picture of what I wore plus some pictures of the family.  The Americana is a shopping center very similar to the so popular The Grove but this one is in the city on Glendale, California. My husband told me that Katy Perry is currently staying in the apartments located above the shopping center. He would know as he delivers furniture ($$$) to movie sets, celebrities and offices and she happened to be one of them (lucky him). Adjacent to The Americana is the Glendale Mall. And just like The Grove, The Americana also had snow. I absolutely love that even though we don't get to have a white christmas there is still places in Southern Cali that decorate so beautifully for the holidays. 

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My Makeup for the Day

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