Sunday, October 2, 2011

October's Wish List

Hey Lovelies, It's October and I wanted to share the things that I'm eying this month. #1 So this past month the Kardashian sisters released a line for Sears. I saw some good piece but one of the things that caught my eye and the sunglasses. I have been wanting some cute shades but have not had any luck. This one are cute. #2 I have been loving chunky necklaces and after seeing this one my jaw dropped. If you like you can find it at H&M for 12 bucks. #3 I have been seeing so many bloggers style the leather jeans in so many ways that I want to be a follower. I have created so many ways of wearing it that I really want them now. This one is from H&M for 23 bucks. #4 You might have seen similar bags to this one. And you might think that this one is also from Aldo but its not. This one is from Kohl's and I love it. I have been loving those Aldo bags but I missed the train. Lucky Kohls have some now for 35. #5 Have you seen Kim K wearing this types of shirt...were they are popping all over the place in so many patterns. I love Kim's style so I just have to add this to my wardrobe. #6 Cute Belt what more can I say. #7 Perfect booties wedges for the fall. Would love perfect with #'s 3 and 5. #8 WOW this dress is so gorg and can be played up or down..very versatile. Hopefully I can add some to my wardrobe before they are gone. XO, Cari
October's Wish LIst


  1. I so won't be able to sleep bc I want to run over to joule for that bag :-)

  2. great pictures ! I very like it !

    if u want ask me anything in my new post and follow me :)

  3. OMG I Love the bag... I want it too :-)