Friday, September 23, 2011

Pop them Pink featuring Velour Lashes Tutorial and Review

Hey Lovelies,

I have received lashes from a new company that is collaborating with The companies was started by two friends who adore false lashes. makes 100% mink fur and 100% individually hand made. The are shiny, sturdy and long....they are meant to last and with good care they can be used up to 25 times. They are a little price but if you like wearing MAC lashes and buy them can most likely benefit from the ones from Velour. They have different types so go and check them out for yourself.

Here is the look that I created featuring this wonderful comfortable lashes.


  1. Wow me encanta lo que haces, es verdadero arte!!

  2. very pretty pink and purple one of my favorite color comobs

  3. beautiful! :)

  4. I love it!


  5. You look amazing!

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