Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blue Crush

Hey Lovelies,

Here is what I wore today, Saturday, September 3rd. After so many outfits later I ended wearing my white jeans a navy racer back blouse. I was amazed to see that my jeans fit a little better and not as tight as they did the last time I wore them. I love it because that means I lots a couple inches off my waist. I changed my die completely....NO MORE TORTILLAS. I substitute them with lettuce, for example instead of tacos with tortilla is tacos with lettuce. Ah yeah and I have been eating steamed fish and brown rice for lunch..yum..specially with Louisiana hot sauce.  Alright guys have a great Labor Day Weekend. Ill be putting a post on my trip with the fam to the river in the next coming days.

Xo, Cari


  1. LOVE your white pants!! You look great! I need to stop eating tortillas... and all bread for that matter! Haha, Happy Labor Day weekend!
    XO, Danielle

  2. Heyy! you look fabolous I love combination blue white!

  3. Love the white w/ navy. Cute hair too.