Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fedora Love

Here is something I wore this past Sunday to my moms house. Sunday for me are almost always the same. Playing poker for hours on end at my moms house with the family. There is times when I join in a play and others I just chat with my sister who is expecting her second child very soon or other relatives. I tend to be very casual but this Sunday I switched it up with a dress cause I was blazing hot here in Southern Cali.

You may notice pictures with belt and without....I took it off at my moms cause I thought it was to much with the bag and fedora in the same tone but later after seeing the pictures I now think it looked better with it.

I'll have another shoot to share with you guys soon.

XO. Cari

Dress: forgot from where
Fedora: Charlotte Russe
Hoops: Macys
Thong Sandals: F21
Belt: F21
Bag: Thrift


  1. Love the look with the fedora and the belt it breaks up the blue im the dress.

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  3. Love the blue colour! And your sandals! Simple and still glamerous!


  4. Amazing things!
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