Friday, August 12, 2011

California Sun Kissed

Hey Lovelies,

    Today I went to Old Navy to shop for my nieces birthday gift. I took the opportunity to browse through the clearance section because I needed a black swim suit for a photo shoot (I'll be doing a whole separate post on that). No luck with  the black two piece but I did find some other separates. And of course we you shop clearance most likely  you will never find the complete set. So what I did was think of the ones I have home and try to find pieces that would match them. So I ended picking up three pieces. I have two sets at home. Now with the additional pieces and the ones I already own I can mix and match to create 6 different sets.

I took advantage because the pieces I bought were 2 bucks can't let that pass..Summer is coming to a close but hey, there is always next summer.

This one I love..I love bottoms that have ties on the side because you can adjust them. Original price $16.50 Sale for 1.97

Hot pink top for 1.97 don't mind if I do. This one was a little tight because it was a XS but I still love it.

Another top for 1.97. Love the coral color.

This one I bought at F21 last year in the spring and they had them for 5.99 a piece. Set I've already had.

This is one I got at Burlington Coat Factory a couple yrs ago. Another original.

From here on down is how I mixed them to create a total of 6 sets.

This is my little cover up...its a skirt from Hot Kiss and I don't remember the price.

Till next post,
Xo Cari


  1. These are super cute!
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    <3 Anna B.

  2. Beautiful! Nice blog! :))

  3. Nice stuff =)

  4. great new stuff, i really love it!!
    this bikinis are so nice, especially the pink!


  5. These are all so cute! I think my favorite is the 'color blocked' one with the blue on bottom and pink on top. So, so cute!!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back!


    Twitter: @maryanddyer

  6. omg i havent been to old navy in so long im just so depressed over losing my gift card lol

  7. omg these are stunning!!!!!!! cant believe you found all of those at Old Navy! Will have to stop by there soon!

    first time n your blog, its so cute! love your eyebrows!


  8. These are really cute swimsuits!

    Fashion Rehab