Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rock Hard

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Hello Loves,

       I absolutely love this outfit. I know that I tend to wear clothing that is very form fitting and this is not exactly that. Maybe thats the reason why I love it so much. It could also be that I just love the look of over the knee boots with skirts. Don’t know exactly what it is but I absolutely love it. While shooting this look a girl in passing car burst into laughter and scream out, “You know you are in (name of my town).” At the moment I was thrown a bit off and I’m gonna be honest, it was a little hurtful. But then I realized that she has no idea who I am, no idea why I shoot looks and just isn’t up to my level. First off, I wouldn’t have reacted in that form if I had seen a girl doing the same thing. Why react in such a way, why does she care if it’s not Beverly Hills. I’m hustling regardless of what city I’m in. She doesn’t realize that by saying that she puts herself down because it’s obvious she is from the same city (the city isn’t ghetto although she might be). Sorry if I’m bashing her, but it’s these kinds of girls who just put down others to make themselves feel better. I am no way gonna let one girl or any other hater determine what I will do or not do. I keep pushing each and everyday. I’m gonna succeed in my city, Beverly Hills or El Paso, there ain't no stopping me. So if you find negative people in your path, you gotta brush them off and just keeping fighting for what you love. No one said it would be busy, no one said there wouldn’t be obstacle. This who make it are those who regardless of the downfalls they picked themselves up and kept of going. Keep Pushing!!!!


Hola Amores,

    Esto completamente enamorada de este atuendo. No se porque, puede ser que sea las botas con la falda, el que este atuendo se algo differente a lo que acostumbro. Cual quiera que sea, pero me encanta. Les cuenta que el día que estuve tomado fotos de este atuendo una chica en un carro que pasaba se rio y grito, ¨Si sabes que esta (nombre de mi cuidad).¨ Me callo por sorpresa y no lo voy a negar, me hizo sentir un poco mal. Pero al rato pensé, quien es ella, quien es ella que cree pensar que no mas por estar en esta cuidad no puedo tomar fotos. Sea en esta cuidad o en Beverly Hills, eso no me va a detener. Yo hago esto no solo por que me gusta pero también por que tengo sueños a los cuales pienso hacer realidad. Mas ella no me conoce, no paga mis biles que hace que su opinion bale muy poco. A ella reaccionar de esa manera dice mucho de ella, y lo que dice no es muy bueno. Si tu te encuentras a personas como ella, no les de tu tiempo, sigue haciendo de lo tu yo ya que ellas no vale nada de tu tiempo. 

Besos, Cari

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Shades: X DesiPerkins “HighKeys"

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