Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Corser Lace

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Hello Loves,

       I know the quality of my pictures change from time to time. Sometimes Im indoors and others Im out and about. Im thankful for the supportive group that I have around me. Sometimes it's very difficult to keep content coming when you don't have the help. I know that the best pictures are those that change scenery. Those come when I have someone who can shoot those OOTD's. We are slowly getting there and getting better.
    For example, this was a shoot done inside with a tripod, it makes the process much easier and can be done on my own. If I don't do this then my blog/instagram would be getting updated once a week.

The dress is from and heels are from

Xo, Cari

Hola Amores,

   Yo se que la calidad de mis fotos cambian de tiempo a tiempo. Algunas veces las fotos están adentro y develes están afuera. Esto ocurre cuando tengo a alguien que me ayude. Si tengo de alguien entonces puedo tomas afuera. Por eso el cambio de locación. Tengan paciencia, poco a poco las cosas van mejorando. 

Vestido es de y zapatillas de

Besos, Cari

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