Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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Hello Loves, 

        So I'm picking up where I left off in my last post. I was sharing a little about my trip to Mexico. To share with you a little more of the exact location or at least the state to which I traveled, Michoacan, Mexico. I was born there are brought to the US at the age of two. Other than visiting my grandma, my other reason for being there was because my sister tied the knot. Honestly if it wasn't for those two reasons I would have ended up in Cancun instead (no worries..that's still  in the plans). I shared some of the pictures of the wedding on my Instagram, @ CariCollazo. 

    The time that we were there, the town dressed up in their finest colors to celebrate their annual festivities. There are both with candy, food, alcoholic drinks, games and much more. They also have various of musical groups that play every single night. The festivities last for approximately 7 days. Each night is a party and everyone dresses up in they best attire. This is what I wore one of those nights. 

More to come on the next post.


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