Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blushing Lace

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Hello Loves,

      One of the things that I was looking forward on my trip to Mexico was the food. I have a memories of eating tacos, of grabbing bags of fresh fruit and garbanzos in the town's market. I'm a girl who loves to eat, so you can imagine me stuffing myself with a variety of different Mexican dishes. In those very distant memories I remember the food being superb. On this trip with my high expectations I was let down. The tacos felt short of flavor and just didn't leave up to that far away memory. There was only one dish from a restaurant that I really enjoyed, Camarones a la diabla. That is basically shrimp cooked in a spicy sauce with rice and beans as the standard sides. There are some location here in the Southern California that can give those Mexican made tacos a run for their money. What a let down. 

     I did however enjoy the little snack that the destination had to offer. You can't be let down with those regards of where you get them from. The hotel that I plan to stay at for my visit to Cancun has a outside bar which has nothing but seafood dishes. I was solely sold to this hotel because of those pictures of their many dishes. Im really looking forward to being by the pool and eating a couple shrimp tacos. 

   Some food can get really messy and therefore I had to be very careful not to get any taco sauce on this outfit. I add to this outfit a long white coat which id not pictured here to give me a bit of warmed since it got in the mid 40s at night. Now do you see why eating tacos wouldn't be a good idea. I still did it anyway...there were my good-bye tacos. Tacos I won't be eating again, at least not from that location. They were my good-bye small town in Mexico who I won't be visiting again in quite some years. 

This was my last outfit before coming back to the states. 

Xo, Cari

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  1. What a shame! But it is true that tourist resorts have a large variety of international food instead to regional food. Because the real Mexican food is composed of several regional foods and you can find an enormous variety of delicious tacos without spicy sauces, that may contain: vegetables, fruit, meat, special preparations, or a mixtures of several ingredients, etc. A good place to eat good tacos is La Marquesa, as Hugh Jackman said.