Monday, April 13, 2015

Wine Me Up

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Hello Gorgeous,

    I'm completely backed up with my posts. I have been posting them to my Instagram but haven't been writing up the posts. So if you follow me on my Instagram you'll definitely notice the huge gap.

I've been watching the trends and I have noticed that there has been some changes. Yes, I know that fashion is constantly changing. But there is some trends that you love so much, you just want them to last forever. For example, crop tops, two pieces and peplums. Unfortunately peplums seem like soon they will be a thing from the past. Till the door slams and the key gets thrown away, I'm gonna keep on rocking them.

The wine faux leather peplum top is from . The faux leather detailed leggings are from . The heels as usually are from

Catch you on the next post,
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  1. Wow yur amazingly beautiful if anything yur like the cuties girl America. I love your fashion and style of dressing ;) sorry I'm speechless