Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favorite Store

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Hello Gorgeous,

    Hands down, my favorite store to shop for stunning dresses is Bebe. They are a little pricy as I don't tend to spend to much on wardrobe but these are so well worth it. I couldn't be talking about Bebe if it wasn't because of this dress. I get so many complements every time I were one of their dresses. Yes, Bebe is my favorite store. What's your favorite store? 

Xo, Cari

BTW, I do read your comments.

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  1. Do they run true to size? They have really cute things but I've always wondered about their sizes

  2. Very graceful outfit! Would love to see you combine that dress with black tights, that would be perfect!

  3. Your heels drive me crazy super sexy shoes you got miss