Friday, January 9, 2015

The colors of Wine

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Hello Chicas,

       Growing up the color burgundy or maroon were all over my parents home. My mother was in love with this color and you can definitely see it. From the couches to the curtains down to the frames. She wasn't ever a girl of color, she was more a girl of black (till this day) but burgundy really topped it. She was so into that shade that my Quienceanera's main color was burgundy. Oh and I did not chose it. 

     The color slowly began to fade away and to now see it in clothing, I understand why my mom loved it. It's a rich fall/winter color. It's subtle but yet it demands attention. That's why I love it on these leggings. The leggings are from Forever21 and so it the top. The heels are from 

What colors do you love in the fall/winter?

XO, Cari

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