Monday, January 5, 2015

Boots so High

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Hello Lovelies,

       You may notice that there are times when my pictures or the background ain't as good as the others. Well sometimes a girl has to do what is necessary to keep those post coming. The times that I am able to capture better shots are when I get the help of my lovely companion. Without his help I'm limited to taking picture at home. There is not much light that comes into my apartment which makes the task a little more challenging. With a work week is a lot more difficult to keep the outfit posting consistent. A future goal would be that he can dedicate more of his days to be my personal can only hope, with God all is possible. 

     So this was something I was able to capture before the natural light disappeared from my apartment. I wore something a little more casual since I was heading to a small at home bachelorette party. The boots seem to get all the attention anyway so minus well let them be center of attention of this outfit. I actually tried wearing them both ways, thigh high and over the knee. Which one do you like better?


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