Monday, September 21, 2015

Lady in Red

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Hello Loves, 

       Bebe has the best made pencil skirts. I love them! I feel like red is a color that is all in your face and really needs to be paired with neutral colors such as white and black. One color on it's own makes the outfit look a bit distracting but something with the combination of both colors, makes it look fab. Red is just a very eye catching color and needs to be appropriately dressed in order to make it look elegant. The top, which I bought a few years ago is also from Bebe. I paired it with some scrappy sandals. Pencil skirts and crop tops are my favorite (LOVE) trend of all time. 

Are you over this trend? Or are you loving it?

Xo, Cari

P.S. My photographer is getting better at taking pictures. My makeup though.... yaassssssss

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