Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet like Wine

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Hello Lovelies,

    Naming this post got my mouth quenching for some vino rico (that good good wine). I got his major craving for some wine but that sweet soft wine. Im not one of those who can drink dry wines. I like them sweet and cheap (lol).

     Im getting me a bottle all for myself next's my birthday.  I'm definitely starting my birthday with gratitude to God and then ending it with a glass of wine.

   Im getting ahead of myself, lets just being by addressing the outfit. The top is from Forever21. I absolutely love the color. My mom would agree, she loves everything in this shade. To say that she choose my Quinceanera color and I ended up with burgundy all over the place. Even my high school colors were in the same shade. Yup, I hated it for a while. Now it's a whole other story.

    The leggings are from Bebe. Loving the high waisted leggings although one has to be careful cause that zipper can loosen and you won't even notice till you feel a cold breeze of air where you normally wouldn't. I gave a couple quite a peek into my bum bum. LOL. Good times.

Have you ever had some fashion mishaps.

Xo, Cari

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  1. Felicidades cumpleaรฑos, preciosa.

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  3. Very beautiful pictures. I must say you are looking very beautiful in Legging an Top.