Monday, March 10, 2014

What's my spring style?

March 20th is the first day of Spring. For many it's a time for spring cleaning. My spring cleaning consists of changing my apartment decor. I changed up the warm colors in my living room and added the whites. The white helped brighten the room while tying in the white colors in the rest of the room.

 photo IMG_6603_zps16e3af3e.jpg
Since my accent color is teal, I though this lovely tissue box from Kleenex would fit right into the decor in the apartment. I just love my end table.
 photo IMG_6595_zps41809094.jpg
In my apartment you will see the color palette as black, white, teal and some olive. Even though the olive doesn't necessary match anything else in the apartment, it gives it a very different look. It draws your eye towards it and to the wall of pictures.
 photo IMG_6594_zps63dcf150.jpg

Even just changing pillows can create a different feel. I changed up my brown pillow for some white pillows and added a throw to my chair sofa.
 photo IMG_6593_zps8f9ef259.jpg

 photo IMG_6592_zps80b72f6d.jpg

 photo IMG_6590_zps276ba82b.jpg

 photo IMG_6587_zpsa18cf867.jpg

 photo IMG_6606_zps54f539c9.jpg

 photo IMG_6608_zpse0d2426b.jpg

This is the room in my apartment that I can say is compete. There is nothing else that I would add to it. I'm so in love with it. All that's left is to spread all that love to the other rooms in the apartment.

How do you plan to change your home?

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