Thursday, March 20, 2014

High-Waisted Floral

Hello Ladies and Gents,

    I've mentioned in previous post that I had always wanted to have a boutique. I also mentioned that I had begun to add a couple pieces, which isn't much. Slowly but surely I will keep adding pieces to it. Today I would like to show you the second item that I have added to my boutique. Plus I will show you another way of styling the first item.

 photo IMG_6647_zps9e3a4724.jpg

 photo IMG_6648_zpsb02a8102.jpg

This is a very sexy high-waisted side slit floral skirt. I wore mine with a white crop top. Kept it fairly simple since I wanted the skirt to be the main center of attention. It can be worn with wedges, sandals, or heels. It one of the hot trends for this upcoming seasons. 

 photo IMG_6649_zps80f88438.jpg

 photo IMG_6650_zps22e50844.jpg

 photo IMG_6651_zps6eaefdc4.jpg

 photo IMG_6660_zpscd1f2fee.jpg

This apple green bandage skirt hugs your body so perfectly. Made of the best material and it's what I consider to be a true bandage. Don't let the color scare you. You can dress it so many ways as seen in previous posts. 

 photo IMG_6662_zps63df2a6c.jpg

 photo IMG_6661_zps44c137a0.jpg

If you wish to purchase any on these two skirts, then email me at .

Apple Green Bandage Skirt: 19.99 plus S&H
High-waisted floral skirt: 19.99 plus S&H

Crop Top: Forever21


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