Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get that Look

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Hello Lovelies,

      Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I spent it with my husbands family in Las Vegas. There was not much of dressing up since it was freezing cold. The tempeture there was below 50 degrees at times and for us Californians anything below 60 degrees is freezing. Regardless of the cold weather I ended up having a very fun and enjoyable Christmas. Experiencing just a tad of lightly colder weather makes one appreciate the wonderful sunny, warm days in California (today not so much...coldest day in decades). 

    During Cyber Monday I was able to shop with WantmyLook.com since they had some good deals. I was able to pick up this dress and another that you will soon be able to see on my blog. It took three weeks to arrived but better late than never. The heels are from LolaShoetique. The coat is from Charlotte Russe and the necklace is from RocksBox.com

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve. 

Xo, Cari 

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