Friday, February 5, 2016

Most Requested

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Hello Loves,

       If there is is any look that gets requested more is this look here. The ones who request tend to be males and the request are usually made on my YouTube channel. I understand their reason behind the request, they are men after all. But some even get upset because their request are not met. Unfortunately for them I tend not to fulfill request unless is something that I myself feel like wearing.

    Enough of the small rant.

The best leggings come from Bebe. Bebe's leggings are thick and stretchy. One thing that bugs me about other leggings are that they become very sheer once on. This however, give great shape and do not sheer out. The sweater is also from Bebe and you guys know by now where the shoes are from. 

Anywho, Im playing nurse at the moment. Taking care of the hubby while he recovers from a surgery he had just yesterday. On my time of nurse duties Im cooking, blogging and watching some TV. To top it all off, it's Superbowl weekend and we'll pretty much be staying indoors. Next weekend it will pretty much be the same thing but this time I'll play the patient. 

Have a fun Superbowl weekend y'all. 

Xo Cari

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