Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fish Net Trap

 photo IMG_4533_zps70379de6.jpg

       This outfit was one of the many ones that I tried out that day. I emptied out my closet in a search for the perfect outfit for the current weather condition (not hot nor cold). After going thru so many outfit I ended up with this one. I mixed up textures by adding a faux leather corset under the woven shirt.  Mixing textures and stepping out of my box is my new thing. New things are always scary but once done you can see there was nothing to it.

 photo IMG_4531_zps3f2357bf.jpg

 photo IMG_4532_zpsfaf4560c.jpg

 photo IMG_4534_zps9f2beeb5.jpg

 photo IMG_4535_zpsf2fc9117.jpg

Tops: Romwe.com
Booties: Local Store
Earrings: Charlotte Russe


  1. Wow! You are so gorgeous and what an outfit. That mesh top is very cool and those leggings are amazing on your lovely legs. Especially like that 2nd from the last shot. Wow!!


  2. Awesome look and amazing body. Love the look.

  3. Omg I Love About Your Hips With These Beautiful Leggings Kisses

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