Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All Cut Up

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This is really stepping out of the box for me. This outfit and the double split outfit that I wore a month or so ago. I'm the type of girl that either shows off legs or shows off some cleavage (not like I have a lot). But now that I have been working very hard to get my ideal body, I think it's perfectly fine to once in a while show off my hard work. This dress is from , this company is very similar to Karmaloop, which sells designer brands items for half the price. Not only is the design unique but the patter is lovely as well. Perfect for those warm summer days. Another alternative to wearing this is with a floppy hat or any other type and some sandals.  

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. 

XO, Cari

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Item Details:
Booties: Local Store
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

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  1. Awesome what you did with that dress. Gorgeous woman and yes you do have amazing legs.