Thursday, February 21, 2013

BRAND CHALLENGE BOX from Influenster

I have received a brand challenge box which was totally unexpected. I will share my two cents on this products.

 photo IMG_3851_zpsf4d2d7c9.jpg

 photo IMG_3849_zps99309799.jpg

There are some here that I have not tried out yet but if it's worth the rave Ill be letting you know through instagram. Like this one.

 photo IMG_3848_zps39b8496e.jpg

 photo IMG_3847_zps2522cd9d.jpg

OMG! I have this one before and I can tell you that the taste is not the best but it gives you what it says, a boost.

 photo IMG_3846_zps2855213f.jpg

This are fire burning mint....can you take the heat? Man they are minty strong. Definitely will keep you awake and no crash.

 photo IMG_3845_zpsba96c91d.jpg

Love Love Love!!! My hubby gets so annoyed when I bite my "nails."  I don't! I bite my dry cuticles. Ugh, I hate the dryness around my nails so thank goodness for this cream. It helps smooth out my cuticles and makes them appear a lot more healthier keeping me from biting them.

 photo IMG_3844_zps27b1cd0b.jpg

Haven't tried it yet but have heard so many good things about these nail appliques. 

 photo IMG_3843_zps4b991965.jpg

Another LOVE. This is butter wax perfect to keep those lips smooth and hydrated. 

 photo IMG_3842_zps780b473a.jpg

Here began my rave about this perfume or better yet this collection from Bed and Bath. I have the bubble bath and was so happy to see this in the box. I love love the smell. 

 photo IMG_3841_zpscd39f25c.jpg

As you will see in the pictures that this is an awesome nail polish with great effect. I used it as my accent nail. 

 photo IMG_3854_zps5076474d.jpg

 photo IMG_3852_zps8a64b6f7.jpg
Sinful Color in Why Not

 photo IMG_3840_zpsefe8909b.jpg

 photo IMG_3839_zps0393c931.jpg

Love the smell.

As you can see it was a good amount of products. Most of the ones that I have tried I like or LOVE. Loved this VoxBox. And if you blog or have a YouTube you can also receive boxes like this for FREE by signing up with

XO, Cari

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