Monday, December 12, 2011

A HAUL with lots of Loves

Hey Lovelies,

I have neglected my blog for a while but have been more active with my YouTube. But it's time to pay a little more attention to my blog as well. So to make up for it this is the second post of the day, something I tend not to do. This time is a little haul of the things that I have bought this past week or so. I might have left out a couple things cause I couldn't remember what else I had purchased.

VS Hot Pink

Im wearing Hot Pink...isn't in gorgeous. It glides smooth. Although it is a bit similar to one I have by Wet N Wild.

Finally was able to get my hands on one of these and the best thing I got it for 60% off which was 13 bucks. LOVE IT.

I have some black heels but not pumps like these. My BF has suggested that I might have a shoe addiction now....hmmm I bought 3 pair of shoes so far this December.

This is an inexpensive brand (Delicious) and they are a good quality and comfortable. I got them for $21 plus tax.

Now these babies are pricey but they are gonna keep my feet very warm on these cold Cali days...well we don't get much of those but I still am going to love wearing them.

There are time when a girl needs some sneakers and this are mine. Honestly I wear sneakers quite a lot cause of my job and I was in need for a new pair. After the discounts I got these converse for next to nothing.

Isn't it just mom gave me my early Xmas present. I LOVE IT. She got the same one for my sister. OMG I just love it.

Wanted to share my Xmas tree with you guys...this is the second year that I have used this colors. I just added more ornaments and bows plus more lights. I love the color combo.

Look at that gorgeous hot pink glittery gold and that sequins turquoise ornaments next to the bow. Look at the gorgeous turquoise disco ball ornaments on the bottom right hand corner. I got all the ornaments at the 99 cent store.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little haul. Leave a comment and have a wonderful day.

XO, Cari


  1. Love your tree! ITs cute!
    Can never go wrong w/ some chucks or UGGS!

  2. Great buy on the purse, I need one ;)