Sunday, May 29, 2011

Print Fedora

Hey Lovelies,

   Wow, this holiday weekend is going back at the speed of light. I was able to record a couple videos for the week and one of them was an OOTD. On Saturday evening we (the hubby and I) decided to go to a good picture taking place, to which we decided to head to Long Beach. For those who are not from the Southern California area, Long Beach is the biggest port in Los Angeles and you might recognize it more because of the Queen Mary. But anyways, so we decided to head over there. Did not expect the wind to be so strong and I couldn't really wear my fedora...I was scared it would be blown away. So that why you'll see the first part of the video with the fedora cause I'm at the house. After that we headed to the mall, I wore my fedora and loved it. I leave you with the footage and pictures.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Memorial Day.

 XO, Cari



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  2. Im speechless you look hott! Love you look and the bright pink lips.